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Gradual recovery of high income tourism in the Punta Mita zone

Posted on January 30, 2014 by Dean in Punta Mita

Fernando Álvarez
Published on 29 January 2014 

High income tourism is experiencing a gradual recovery in the Punta Mita zone, which signals a notable improvement this year.

The general director of the hotel St. Regis, Carl Emberson, assured that in what has passed of this winter season there are better results with respect to high income tourism, both in the hotel that he manages and in the Four Seasons hotel.

He said that he has noted in the last months a gradual recovery of the so called luxury tourism that the zone receives from the hotels St. Regis and Four Seasons.

He stressed that better occupation percentages have been achieved during the winter season and that everything seems to indicate that the tendency is towards consolidating an important touristic improvement.

On the other hand, Carl Emberson reported that the fourth edition of “Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf Classic 2014” is already sold and the one of this year could be the best one, given that it is about an event created so that the participants can enjoy the best local and international food and wine, besides the world class golf in Punta Mita, Riviera Nayarit.

It should be noted that Emberson has been the golf companion of the president Enrique Peña Nieto during the visits he has made to Riviera Nayarit and in which he has stayed, together with all of his family, in the hotel St. Regis.

It should also be said that, born in the Fiji Islands andof Austrialian nationality, Carl Emberson has been an enthusiast of the hotel industry in Latin America, where more than 25 years of experience back up his

work among countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, where he is currently the exclusive director of the hotel St. Regis Punta Mita, located in the Riviera Nayarit.

In fact, this is the second chance of Emberson of working in Mexico, as in the late 90’s he dedicated two years to being a manager of the hotel Hyatt of Acapulco. Later he went to Brazil, but destiny brought him back to the Mexican Pacific coast to work with the luxury hotel firm of Starwood.

“It is a privilege to work in a high level destination and above all in a property where the guest feels safe with the privacy and exclusivity that is characteristic of Punta Mita”, declared the hotelier.

The hotel career of Carl has been successful thanks to the fact that he has been a driver of the destinations in which he has resided by means of different jobs in favor of tourism.

For example, in Sao Paolo Brazil he was the creator of the Paladar Cozinha do Brasil, event which now continues in its 5th edition; in Mendoza Argentina he was the author of Masters of Food and wine which for this 2012 celebrated nine years of success.

“Our edition of torneo de Golf Punta Mita is gaining strength because it includes the best players of this sport, without a doubt it has benefits for the hotels of the zone and the destination; furthermore we have an excellent relation with our neighbors of the Four Seasons, as together we will promote the Punta Mita destination, it is an example of believing in our destination and doing things for it, besides working for the company that we represent”.

THE DATA: More than 25 years of experience back up the work of Carl Emberson in countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, where he is currently the exclusive manager of the hotel

Gradual recovery of high Income tourism in the Punta Mita zone…

Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp